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Do you have a team ready to join SASL?

For those of you with a team that is ready to go, here is some information about joining and playing with SASL.  In a soccer year, we typically play two 10 game seasons (one Fall     season & one Winter season) all games are played on Sundays.      The SASL currently has three age brackets 18 & over, 40 & over     and 50 & over.  The bracket structure is set by the members.      Please check our website at www.saslsoccer.org     periodically for information. The web sites list schedules, field     locations, procedures and tips for new managers.  
    Since the SASL is affiliated with the California Soccer Association     North (CSAN) all returning teams are required to pay an annual $100     team registration fee.  The fee for new teams is $125. The fee is     for the soccer year which runs Sept to August.  We, the SASL,     collect the Annual Team Registration Form and fees as an indicator of     commitment to allow us to determine the required number of fields.      The payment is then set to CSAN.  The fee is the same and runs Sept     to August no matter when you join.  The Annual Team Registration Form and fees must be paid before new teams will be able to us the on-line registration website.  Note:  The Annual Form and fees must be mailed to SASL (do not send directly to CSAN).  Finally, the Assumption and Acknowledgement of Risks and Release of Liability Agreement form will need to be mailed to CSAN before player passes will be issued.  See the Team Managers page for additional information regarding team registration.
    The league fee for one ten game season is currently (September 2018) $1,100 per team if you     pay early (Pays for refs, fields, equipment, and league operations).  The fee     increases to $1,150 if you miss the early payment discount.
    In addition, there is a player registration/player pass form that     needs to submitted to CSA-N.  Currently (September 2018) the cost is $26 per player; ($15.50 player registration and $10.50     secondary player insurance).   The pass is valid for the soccer year     which runs September 1 to August 31.  The payment and registration     is done through CSAN and can be done online.  See the Team Managers page for additional information regarding player registration.

    A player must have a valid registration pass in order to play.      Allow two weeks to register a player if using the paper form, about 5 to 6 days if registering online.  There is a training     video for managers to learn the on-line registration process.  They provide a lot of help and it shouldn't be too     difficult after doing a few registrations.
    Teams are required to provide their own numbered, matching jersey's     and have a back-up set in case of color conflict. Numbered matching     generic uniforms are perfectly acceptable.  Matching colors on     shorts and socks are also required.  The SASL requires that players     wear shin guards and slide tackling is currently only allowed in the 18     & over bracket.  The home team must also supply the game ball for     a match. The home team also sets up the nets and lines the field.     The final visiting teams takes down the nets and returns the     equipment.
Teams can suit up 18 players on     any give Sunday while being allowed to have up to 25 players on the     team's roster. Most of younger teams register 18 to 20 players, older     teams register more.  The only exception is the 50 & over bracket can suit up 20 players     on game day.

If you have any questions or are interested in having your team join SASL, please contact the League Registrar

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